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These are on
RandomizeList - It, uh, randomizes lists.
DeDupeList - Free tool to remove duplicates from a list.
DoubleSpaceIt - Adjust the spacing betweens items in a list
Count Duplicates - Counts duplicates in a list.
Filter Lines - Removes items from a list, as you specify.
TypingPlace - Copy in, edit and compile, then copy out. - Open your list of web sites with one click. - Let your small group pledge money anonymously. - Use multiple search engines at once.
WordMuddle - Scramble up words and still read them!
MemorizeNow - Free tool to help you memorize things.
TLDOpener - Opens websites using selected top-level domains.
Bible Translator - Tools to help translate.
CompareVerse - Compare Bible verses across versions.
Nato Phonetic Silly tool to translate into Nato phonetic spelling.


Just Thinking Weblog - My thoughts on various things.
Build a boat in a bottle
Biography - Biographies of famous people.
Latin - Definitions of Latin phrases.
Proverbs from Poor Richard's Almanac
Encyclopedia - a very old encyclopedia.
Information about mostly personal names
Natural History
Meaning of Bible Names
Arguments for the existence of God
The Cleft - An essay on God's mercy and Hell.
Revised King James New Testament - A free modern version.
ChurchPR: Writing press releases for your church
Some Inventions
Gem Stones
Great Events
A Sun Tzu Companion
Information about various place names
Chronology of Spanish American War
Chronology of World War I
The Ayesha: Adventures of the Landing Squad of the Emden
Some Notable Earthquakes
Pen names of authors
From 'The Boy Mechanic'
Unofficial information about the Monrovia School District.
The Great Discourse
A View From the Pew: A few tips for ministers
Old Books: My original home page. Civil War, Puritans, etc.
My old Just Thinking pages

“We must not be proud of our bodies, because the matter is from the earth, yet not dishonour our bodies, because the mould and shape are from the divine wisdom.”
–Matthew Henry, Commentary, Job 10